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But Isn’t The Earth Supposed to Melt Away?

Judgment in the Old Testament The Old Testament talks often of judgment. This judgment is usually violent and earth-shattering. The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness; the LORD shakes the wilderness of… Continue reading

The Future Is Right Here in Front of Us

In a sinful world, holistic eschatology demands holistic salvation.  All that has been tarnished by sin needs to be recreated and purified.  In his ongoing march through the canon of Old Testament showing… Continue reading

Is Our View of Salvation Too Small?

I see now more clearly what it is that J. Richard Middleton is doing in his book A New Heaven and A New Earth. As he goes through the Bible section by section, he… Continue reading

Don’t Believe Everything You . . . Sing

Last week, leading up to Christmas, did you sing these words from “Away in a Manger”? And fit us for Heaven, to live with Thee there. Or do you remember this oldie but… Continue reading

Drinking the Cup: An Easter Meditation for Sunday

To drink the cup is to accept your life for what it is. I would imagine many of us have sent drinks back in restaurants.  It was the wrong flavor.  The carbonation was… Continue reading

God’s Kingdom: A Review

Recently, I have been teaching about the theological concept of “kingdom” in the Sunday morning Bible class I am privileged to co-teach.  This great concept was central to Jesus and his teachings, and… Continue reading