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Taking the Bible As It Is, Not How We Want It

Christian Smith, The Bible Made Impossible, Chapter 6: Accepting Complexity and Ambiguity With a wondrous five-day break for Thanksgiving, I have finally been able to return to Christian Smith’s book on interpreting the… Continue reading

Jesus Is The Point

Christian Smith, The Bible Made Impossible, Chapter 5: The Christocentric Hermeneutical Key It is Christ Himself, not the Bible, who is the true Word of God.  The Bible, read in the right spirit, and… Continue reading

Are You A Biblicist?

Do you believe the following? The Bible contains God’s very words inerrantly passed on by humans (Divine Writing) The Bible is all of God’s revelation to humanity (Total Representation) Everything we need to… Continue reading

Top 10 Things Learned about Reading the Bible from “The Blue Parakeet”

I have finally finished a close and slow reading of Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet.  This is the first of three books I am wanting to read on how best to interpret and… Continue reading

God Says It, I Believe It, So That Settles It! Really?

Scot McKnight, The Blue Parakeet, Chapter 1: The Book and I Like many of us, McKnight grew up hearing this mantra: “God says it, I believe it, so that settles it.” Oh, if… Continue reading