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O Happy Day!

The United States Supreme Court paved the way today for the legalization of same-sex marriage. What a glorious day! Well, not for the reason you might think I would say that.  I am… Continue reading

Top 10 Things Learned about Reading the Bible from “The Blue Parakeet”

I have finally finished a close and slow reading of Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet.  This is the first of three books I am wanting to read on how best to interpret and… Continue reading

Women in Ministry (Part One)

Scot McKnight, The Blue Parakeet, Part 4 Introduction, Women in Church Ministries Today and Chapter 11, The Bible and Women  We now come to the last third of the book in which McKnight… Continue reading

How To Apply The Bible (well, sort of!)

Scot McKnight, The Blue Parakeet, Chapter 9: “The Year of Living Jesus-ly” & Chapter 10: “Finding the Pattern of Discernment“ As we read our Bibles, we can listen carefully but we still have… Continue reading