Drinking the Cup: An Easter Meditation for Sunday

To drink the cup is to accept your life for what it is. I would imagine many of us have sent drinks back in restaurants.  It was the wrong flavor.  The carbonation was… Continue reading

Lifting the Cup: An Easter Meditation for Saturday

In many people’s theology, the Saturday of Easter is the day of wrath and punishment.  The Son spent the day entirely separated from the Father.  The day Jesus went to Hell, according to… Continue reading

Holding the Cup: An Easter Meditation for Friday

This Easter weekend I am choosing to draw closer to the cross by way of Henri Nouwen’s little classic, “Can You Drink The Cup?” You may recall that as Jesus’ life was ebbing… Continue reading

Book Review: David Kinnaman’s “You Lost Me”

I just finished David Kinnaman’s latest book, “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church . . . And Rethinking Faith.”  Altogether, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. True… Continue reading

Beech Trees: A Favorite Sign of Winter

Before winter leaves us next week, I wanted to capture one of my favorite harbingers of winter: the persistent, caramel colored leaves on small American beech trees. American beech trees (and several species… Continue reading

God’s Kingdom: A Review

Recently, I have been teaching about the theological concept of “kingdom” in the Sunday morning Bible class I am privileged to co-teach.  This great concept was central to Jesus and his teachings, and… Continue reading

Hiking the Bruce Trail: Fairmount to Epping

Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve hiking with my father on the Bruce Trail, a 800-kilometre hiking trail that snakes along the Niagara Escarpment in southern Ontario, from Niagara Falls to… Continue reading

The In-Breaking Kingdom

This past week in Sunday School class we talked about God’s “in-breaking” kingdom.  God does not leave this world in its fallen state.  He is actively working — often through us — to… Continue reading

The Kingdom of God is . . .

Last week in the Sunday School class I have the privilege of co-teaching, we looked at 43 New Testament verses that discuss the “kingdom of God,” one of Jesus’ favorite terms.  What exactly… Continue reading

Book Review: “Junia Is Not Alone” by Scot McKnight

If you come from a Christian tradition like the one I do that teaches that women are to be subordinated to men, especially in the church, I implore you to surf over to… Continue reading