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Most Overused Phrase of 2012

If I may breakaway from the “weightier” matters of life. Here’s my vote for the most overused phrase of 2012 . . . game changer As in, I’ll bet this post is a… Continue reading

Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh Discovered

Passed along by Melanie.  Have a good weekend!

“Dead Sea Squirrels” by Beth DeMeo

April is National Poetry Month and as the month draws to a close here is a poem for all of us who enjoy the fun you can have with language.  I believe these… Continue reading

A Cheesy Post

Maybe you grew up on Cheddar or the processed “cheese-food” creation of the New World called American cheese (is there anything better on grilled cheese or a cheeseburger?).  Maybe your tastes have graduated… Continue reading