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Hiking the Bruce Trail: Epping to Wodehouse

In my quest to hike all of the Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail, I continued by journey on my most recent trip to Canada last week.  I picked up the trail… Continue reading

Beech Trees: A Favorite Sign of Winter

Before winter leaves us next week, I wanted to capture one of my favorite harbingers of winter: the persistent, caramel colored leaves on small American beech trees. American beech trees (and several species… Continue reading

Hiking the Bruce Trail: Fairmount to Epping

Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve hiking with my father on the Bruce Trail, a 800-kilometre hiking trail that snakes along the Niagara Escarpment in southern Ontario, from Niagara Falls to… Continue reading

Top 10 Most Memorable Wildlife Encounters

I absolutely love nature, and some of my favorite times in nature are when I actually come in contact with wildlife.  Here is a list of my top 10 most memorable wildlife encounters,… Continue reading

The Kingdom Is Made for Such As These

The other day I went for a short walk in the woods with my sons and my six year old nephew.  Along the way we came to an osage orange tree and one… Continue reading