About This Knight

Greetings from the front lines!  

I am not big on battle language, especially when religion is involved, and as religion is a large part of my life and vocation it is inevitable that a good part of this blog will touch on matters of faith.  No worries, though, I have not take up the battle flag of the Religious Right in the Culture War; I am not that kind of Christian.  But I am a soldier of a different kind.  A knight by birth, you could say: my name is Jason Knight.  I am also one who fights against the basest instincts of my own heart.  One who has vowed my devotion and honor to my wife of twenty years.  A father who trains the hands of my two sons for what comes before them.  One who has pledged to do battle with the dragon of ignorance — in my own life and as a high school religion teacher at Harding Academy in Memphis, Tennessee.  I most desire to be an emissary of God’s kingdom as it breaks back into this world with power, glory, and goodness, and this is a kingdom that overwhelms through love not force.

Battle does not allow for long, daily posts.  You can expect shorter, periodic dispatches.  Like a true miscellany, this blog will collect ideas, thoughts and images from a variety of areas of life.  Faith, church, religion, culture, nature, hiking, family, Canada (the country of my birth), food, reading — these are the topics that occupy my mind and attention most often.