Book Review: “Junia Is Not Alone” by Scot McKnight

If you come from a Christian tradition like the one I do that teaches that women are to be subordinated to men, especially in the church, I implore you to surf over to Amazon and download this tiny e-book.  Well worth the $3.00 and one hour of time you’ll spend, McKnight’s essay on the oft-neglected female apostle (yep, that’s right, female apostle) Junia from Romans 16:7 will certainly get your wheels turning.

For us back-to-the-Bible types, we have to honestly reckon with the presence and ministry of Junia, Phoebe, Priscila, the daughters of Phillip, Lydia, the female prophets of Acts 2 and 1 Corinthians 11, and even the idolatrous “Jezebel” of Thyatira in the Early Church.  For the sake of the thousands of gifted women and girls sitting silently in our churches, we need to have that conversation sooner than later.

McKnight’s Junia Is Not Alone is sure to get that conversation started.